B.Com Vs BBA - Which online degree should you choose?

Online degrees are designed to provide professionals with a chance to opt for that pending degree and establish a base for themselves. Opting to manage an online degree while at work is an easy one, but to choose which course to pursue to start with is a tough call. 

That's where the confusion starts, and enquiring random people about it or opting for a course ass per your friends and colleague is also not a good idea.

KL University is providing undergraduate programs degree that is equivalent to any offline courses. B.Com, BBA and BCA are the most popular undergraduate courses that professionals opt for to enhance their resume with a degree.

Before deciding on your online degree course, here's all the necessary information about both the courses that will help you choose the right one for you.


Bachelor of Commerce is known to be one of the oldest courses and has not lost its charm yet. It is used to build a strong foundation for your career considering the plethora of job opportunities and postgraduate programs availability. It is a good option for you if you are already working in the same field, then getting a B.Com helps you leverage the theoretical knowledge. An online B.Com from KL University allows you to cope with the latest developments on a contemporary, national and global level through an effective transaction of the curricular and co-curricular aspects. 

Post B.Com 

B.Com degree gives you a platform to switch your career or pursue higher studies. You can also apply for government jobs or pursue -

- Masters of Commerce (M.Com)

- Chartered Accountant (CA)

- Masters of Business Administration (MBA)


Bachelors of Business Administration is an option for those who are focusing on management and administration work and want to leverage an undergraduate degree while working to grow in their career. Online BBA degree from KL University will provide you with all the basic management topics like business management skills, organizational behaviour, marketing management, etc. 

Online Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) will be a perfect pick if you are opting for an entrepreneurial aspirant or looking for linear growth in your organization. With an online BBA degree, you get to apply for MBA and hence opt for managerial or leadership roles in your career. Getting a BBA gives you a scope to understand business in a better way and understand different aspects of the business, which can help you change your specialization in the future to finance, marketing, HR etc.

Now, suppose this has been confusing for you! In that case, you can decide by evaluating your interest, work experience and the career goal you want to achieve post-undergraduate program. If you are good at maths, crunching numbers, then opt for B.Com and pursue accordingly, and if you're going to get into a management role in the future, then BBA is the way ahead, followed by an MBA to add value to your resume. 

KL University is known for providing high-quality education for years together. It is 100% online programs are quite popular with professionals as it gives them the flexibility and convenience to obtain a degree.