Online degrees are equivalent to a regular degree

With pandemic growing in every part of the world, online education has seen a rise in enrollment, and even physical colleges have started taking on-campus lessons online.

Earlier, it was challenging for the students who have taken up a bachelor’s degree online, as it was not considered equivalent to the regular degrees from the college.

The government of India has validated that online degrees are the same as regular degrees. In 2018, UGC clarified that online & open programs from a reputed UGC recognised university are treated equally to any degree that can be obtained from a regular, on-campus university. According to a new survey, it has been proven that 1 out of 4 students take online courses or programs to add skills or degrees to build a successful career.

With everything moving online, education has also shifted its base to online. It is proven that students are more regular in attending online classes than they use to participate in regular classes in a physical institution. It saves time and makes it convenient for the parents as it is cheaper than traditional university degrees. Online degrees give students an upper hand to explore many things independently and not just depend on the books dedicated for the course. Following are the benefits that students have experience from the online degree - 

  • The course has been divided into convenient modules that are easy to consume for the students.
  • Live classes have helped them interact with professors as well as industry experts.
  • Regular online assignments keep them updated and motivated.
  • It saves a lot of time for the students as they are studying conveniently and get time to take up other classes or courses simultaneously.
  • Study material with links and case studies to help them explore more and learn what will be relevant for them in the future.

Can an online degree get you a job?

This is a question that ponders every student. Still, like online MBA is acceptable universally as a post-graduate which help students to grow professionally, online BBA and online BCA are acceptable by employers and valid for higher studies.

So, if you are thinking about taking up an online BBA or BCA degree, then go for it as the second wave hits the country; it is very evident that this year also everything is going to be online. So, rather than wasting a year or paying university fee to study online where they don't have sound online systems, it is better to opt for a full-fledged online degree from a reputed university to progress towards your professional goals.